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Research Lead

Spira Health Ltd

Apr 2021 – Present Sydney, Australia

Spira Health is medical device start-up with a mission to provide evidence-based and ease-to-use consumer-facing solutions for sleep disorders.

My responsibilities as the Research Lead include:

  • Lead clinical evidence research and market research.
  • Conduct medical literature research, develop research surveys, and perform statistical analyses.
  • Oversee financial aspects of the company, including bookkeeping and generating financial statement.
  • Lead the development of a mobile app for a breath training device for sleep disorders.

Research Fellow

Centre for Big Data Research in Health, University of New South Wales

Mar 2020 – Present Sydney, Australia

Conduct innovative research using large administrative data. Research projects include:

  • Develop and evaluate a predictive model for hospital re-admission due to prosthetic joint infection after primary joint replacement for osteoarthritis.
  • Conduct individual patient meta-analysis using clinical trial data to evaluate vitamin D supplementation for osteoarthritis.
  • Conduct causal inference studies using the target trial framework to evaluate non-surgical interventions for osteoarthritis.

Research Fellow

Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney

Aug 2018 – Mar 2020 Sydney, Australia

Conduct clinical research to discover optimal weight loss interventions to prevent osteoarthritis in people with obesity. Research projects include:

  • Identify and validate osteoarthritis biomarkers to be used in clinical trials.
  • Evaluate the effects of weight loss on the changes in osteoarthritis biomarkers.
  • Develop self-management interventions for patients with obesity and osteoarthritis.

Research Fellow

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales

Jan 2017 – Jul 2018 Sydney, Australia

Lead a clinical trial to evaluate a behavior intervention for smoking relapse among ex-prisoners. Responsibilities include:

  • Manage a team of five associates and coordinate day-to-day trial operations, including participant recruitment and follow-up.
  • Perform sample size calculation, develop randomization strategy, conduct statistical analysis, generate dynamic reports and produce manuscript for publication.
  • Develop trial documents, including SOP, SAP, DMP, informed consent and research questionnaires.

Postdoc Research Fellow

Australia Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University

Nov 2016 – May 2016 Sydney, Australia

Evaluate the impacts of an electronic medication management system on medication errors. Responsibilities include:

  • Develop electronic tool for capturing prescribing error during medication record review.
  • Medication data management and data cleaning for analysis.
  • Prepare dynamic data summary reports and preliminary statistical analysis reports.

Information Manager

Zong Qi Se Medicine Co. Ltd

Sep 2009 – Dec 2012 Hong Kong, China

Zong Qi Se Medicine is pharmaceutical company of traditional Chinese medicine for chronic diseases. Responsibilities include:

  • Provide medical advice and technical information on new and existing products.
  • Conduct literature search and review, and disseminate information for sales/marketing/R&D.
  • Provide medical writing supports and generate sales and marketing promotional materials.

Junior Medical Officer

The First People Hospital of Chengdu City

Jun 2006 – Jun 2007 Sichuan, China

The First People Hospital of Chengdu City is a tertiary teaching hospital. Responsibilities include:

  • Perform clinical tasks with consultation from registrars or specialist consultants.
  • Communicate with patients and family about diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Clinical rotations in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Emergency Department.

Medical Intern

Shunde No.1 People Hospital

Dec 2004 – Jun 2006 Guangdong, China
Perform clinical tasks under close supervision of senior medical staff.

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